A good quality breed cow come between 0.75 thousand to 1.25 lakhs. The person who buys a cow spending this sum of amount remains on loggerheads about the cow and its milk production capabilities.There are chances of being duped. Other than dairy, there is no other business where risk on investments is so high. You must have heard many a times that dairy is a business of uncertainty. But, the question rises why it is a business of uncertainties? Like any other business, complete eradication of the Risk Factor in this business too is not possible. But to some what extent risk factor could be minimized to a level where investor can think freely about expansion. The touts and cheating involved in this profession needs to be eliminated. This is the sole purpose of this website. You should have knowledge of this profession under one roof. Step by step you get expert advice that is important for your business and profits.

You should get all the information about the industry and services under one roof. These are the objectives of Cows being made available through this is website are by verified sellers. Which means,provided information is well and pre-verified. Instead of providing cows of all sellers, we provide details of only those cattle that fulfill our stringent parameters. Cost of cow is decided by the milk it produces. But, sellers exaggerate information about their cattle to get more price. But, provides complete and proper information about the milk production.We at, keep a track of milk being produced by a cow. By viewing the online videos of milking the cow, you too can get a fair idea of verified information being provided on the website. You may see milking process and measurement of milk in uncut video made available on ensures that no fake or concocted videos are uploaded on the portal.



The website makes available the data of the last lactation which includes the information about the cow and its conception. Only those cows are registered here, whose keeper provide proper lactation records.

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Only those cows are registered here, whose keeper provide proper lactation records. Record of cow’s mother- provides the complete history of cow its mother and other details pertaining to its breed and deliveries.

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The sheer intent of providing this information is to make people aware about the cow husbandry. The length and the height of the gives idea about its breed. provides the information about the length and height of the cows

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Dairy Farm

This information is very vital in terms of cross bread cows. On the basis of teeth and jaw, a decision can be reached weather to keep it or not.Teeth provide nearly correct information about the age of the cow. This is traditional as well as effective measure to assess the age of a cow or cattle. It is considered that during first 3 years its, cow has have two to 4 teeth. In the fourth year it has have 6 teeth while till 5 th year of age, it attains all the teeth. At, you will get such pictures of the cow which will help you in determining its age. Read More>>

Project Guide

Dairy business is very fragile yet proper planing and professional management can yield tremendous results in terms of revenue and profits . Our expert team with years of experience and expertise in the dairy and milk products business adopts a scientifically approach in planning and management of the business. Out experts a feasibility report of the location where dairy unit is to be setup and plan operation, procurement, management and delivery according to climatically conditions and market needs.


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